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Project Description

This project was one of my more satisfying as the client is a close friend, my wife. This is my own home and we both fell in love with the house when we first saw it. Although it is not a sustainable home one day in the not too distant future it will be. A small family home on a corner block in a then undiscovered suburb. It was well maintained but an older 60’s home of brick and tile construction. As a starter home we loved it but have grown to love the area even more and will eventually extend for our now growing family.

When we moved in first I removed some internal walls to give a more open area feel and allow more airflow and light through. We then remodelled the kitchen, pantry, scullery and all the bedrooms. The rear yard also had a full makeover all of which I personally did myself on weekends and holidays. I am very proud of our little house and used the kitchen design for numerous clients since with some very good feedback.